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Our embroidersmake backing and facing or a combination of both

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Fish Scale Embroidery

Outline Embroidery

Candle wicking Embroidery

White work Embroidery

01The most common

forms of embroidery we use as backings are: Cutaways - for non-stable materials, Tear-aways - for stable materials, Peel and Stick - for those onerous to hoop places, Hydro stick - for materials containing lycra, elastane or material.

02 In cameewear machines

we use rayon thread and polyester thread.

03Our embroiders make

backing and facing or a combination of both.


In cameewearsBackings are used to support


Backings continueto support the design when it is sewn

We are a young and creative company and we offer you fresh HR ideas for your team and company.

Facings are used on fabrics with high wales, like corduroy and some knits. Facings help to compact the wales of the garment so the stitches do not disappear between them, keeping the wales and picks of fabric from protruding through the design.

Stitch density90%
Stitch length80%
Stability of the design70%

Our professional embroiders makes the garment neat and unique