Player Packages

"We will definitely order from Cameewears - for all of our Unit uniforms from now on."
Lwisa Kapolyo

Special Day

Seasonal Products

At Cameewears, we offer the best quality complete uniform in a player’s package. Every requirement according to the player’s need and its uniform is added in this package. The most beneficial thing which attracts the customers is these are reasonable and manageable in price. Everyone easily buys our packages. It consists of a complete need of a player’s life. So, don’t be get panic about your player’s needs and requirements, just visit our store and buy our best player’s package service at a price which is easily fits your budget. And also the most interesting thing is, you will get discounts on special day occasions when you order us in bulk or our seasonal products.

At Cameewears, you will get discount at many events

Discounts At EventsAt Cameewears, you will get discount at many events

also on special occasions. You will get a discount on the overall kit of a player. On special days and events, we apply some percent discount on our products so, it is the best opportunity for your to avail, and buy your favorite custom clothes. But, this offer is only for special days or for special events.

Discounts At Bulk RatesWe also give more and more discounts

when our customers order us in bulk. We have a complete kit package for a player at a most reasonable price but, if you order us in bulk you will get more and more discounts. Simple, discounts are directly proportional to orders. As the orders increase, the same way the discounts increases and the prices will go down. So, if you order us in bulk you will get more and more discounts.

Discounts in seasonal clothesWe also offer the some amount of discounts

in our previous seasonal clothes. Some customers wait for the end of the season and when we start the discounts scheme they will start buying the clothes. This is a better way to buy the products at a cheap rate. At Cameewears, we take care of our customers and give facilities to them. That’s why we always get satisfaction and 100% remarks from our customers.