Privacy Policy

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These privacy statements depend on every kind of information that you give us including your contact info, your emails, and even your business logos, everything you give us will be protected. You will not need to worry about your privacy issues when your things are in our hands.

We have posted these statements just to inform you and make your trust in us that how we handle your information with privacy. Where we use and where we have to give your information.

Whenever you feel any difficulty contacting us or you have any doubt about our privacy service so you visit our website and read this article. You can find all your answers.

What type of personal information do we need from your side?

We need your social media accounts to communicate with you. We need your account details for transactions. We need your complete address for your shipping. We know these are secret data but, we take are as must as they need to be. We never leak it or handover it to others.

Personal Information:

When you start purchasing our products from our site, there is some personal information that we need to fill in the form that we had given on our website. That form will be only able to see you and us. If you don’t give us this specific in the formation we are unable to handover over your parcel to you. We added these things in the given form;

• We required your good name, your username, your active email address, your date of birth, your gender, and your account password.
• Also we required your active phone number which is assigned to your mobile device.
• Also some other information concern your health or contain your physical appearance.
• Any other personal information that you can easily share with us and we feel relaxed to shipping you our products.