School Leavers Clothing

May you

are ready to say goodbye to your books and your school. But, we know this is hard. You have to customize a special uniform for this occasion to cheer up for the years that you had been suspended at this school.
Every design and style for your t-shirt, hoodies, shorts, or anything. We make it perfect for you. Without any mistake, we will make uniforms for your teams to cheer up your day and make it memorable with your friends. We can add mockups like your numbers or any other embellishments at the back of your t-shirts.
We offer you many techniques which include, sublimation, screen printing, cut and sew, embroidery, 3D embroidery, applique, and many others for your uniforms.

Want Designing?

If you can’t able to give us your design and you have a demand for a designer. We will fulfill your demand. We will provide you our designer who guide you and give you instructions that how you design your uniform with the latest and a better look.

How do You Work With Us?

Stage 1:

Select a fabric that you want to feel better and comfortable. Please choose that fabric that is easy to wear and absorbs your sweat in summer.

Stage 2:

Once you select the fabric then move to the second stage. Design your uniform. Select the design from our wide range or give us your design. Select the place of the logo and the texture of your uniform.

Stage 3:

When these two stages are done. The third one is given by us is like a gift. When is select the fabric and design and we make the whole uniform for you then, in the last we give you a special quote as a gift which we write on the back of classmates t-shirts.

Stage 4:

When your uniforms are all ready we send the pictures of the uniforms if you are fully satisfied then, further we start the next process. We will confirm the order from your side.

Stage 5:

Here we demand the advance payment from your side. After the complete manufacture of uniforms and your satisfaction, we demand advance payment. This will build the trust of both.

Stage 6:

Now, it’s time to deliver your order. You will receive your order as soon as possible. After receiving your order we are waiting for your precious review.