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01Four different kinds of shirt printing

strategies we tend to use in our company to print T-shirts. Screen printing, Transfer printing, Direct to garment printing, and Cut & sew.

02Every completely different variety

of shirt printing technique offers its own distinctive blessings, so, once it involves selecting the simplest, there square measure variety of things to contemplate.

03The newest and most accessible printing technique

In easy terms, DTG works similar to a paper printer, with ink injected directly onto the material, instead of on to paper. because the name would recommend, it’s the method of printing graphics directly on to textiles and clothes.

(DTG)Direct to Garment

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DTG printing is additionally referred to as digital attire printing, digital garment printing, and inkjet to garment printing. as a result of its potential with color intermixture, DTG printers will recreate gradients, colors and little details that the opposite techniques have bother achieving.

This shirt printing technique is right for printing complicated styles and possesses low setup prices that make it the simplest acceptable print-on-demand business.

Screen printing is one in all the foremost in style, established, and widely used amongst professionals, particularly once it involves intensive orders. The process involves exploitation screens to use ink on the t-shirts. Also referred to as silkscreen printing, screen printing may be a versatile and effective printing technique that permits you to provide T-shirts with outstanding quality and a tactile feel. And, as a result of the inks square measure absorbed deeply into the material, it’s doable to realize vivid, bright colors and most sturdiness.

Screen printing is associate unbelievably versatile printing technique. All materials may be written exploitation this technique, except for jackets and fleece jackets, wherever embroidery is usually recommended.

DTG Printing – the proper Printing technique For complicated styles Like pictures And Gradients.

The term transfer printing is employed to explain any variety of printing techniques wherever the planning is written onto a non-textile surface before being transferred onto the material employing a completely different method.

Transfer PrintingBut why not simply print directly on to the T-shirt?

There square measure variety of reasons, together with industrial ones moreover because the final look and feel of the merchandise.

Low setup prices There's more ahead than just financial goals

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This shirt printing technique is right for printing complicated styles and possesses low setup prices that makes it the simplest acceptable print on demand businesses.

DTG may be used on clothes made of cotton, organic cotton, polyester, and polycotton.

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