Underwear and Sports Bra 16


  • Polyester and spandex fabric of bras
  • Di-fit fabric, Moisture-wicking and stretchable, Soft elastic binding around the neckline and armholes for reduced irritation
  • Low profile chest band, solid colors
  • Cotton underwear for women
  • Moderate coverage, lightweight jersey blend

We have a wide variety of women’s lingerie including sports bras and regular wear underwear. This really helps women athletes to do games easily. Our sports bra is made of polyester and spandex material which is very light in weight and has quick-dry quality. Fabric is stretchy, soft elastic binding at the neckline and armpits for the soft fit. Available in many solids colors. Women’s cotton underwear is also available. This underwear gives moderate coverage, is very lightweight, and is suitable in every season.

Cameewear offers accessories and many lingerie options for women. Women don’t need to search for it separately. We are providing quality undergarments for regular use and sports use. Our quality products satisfy our customers as we deal in originals.